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Jacquelyn Davoli, Eileen Jackson, and Tom Logue are nonpartisan candidates for the Catalina Foothills School District (CFSD) 16 Governing Board. We are running for election to preserve and further our district’s track record of excellence. We share the belief that the district’s current focus should continue to be on Students First. This includes academic excellence, social and emotional development and well-being, and learning opportunities beyond the classroom. As parents of CFSD students over several years, we have experienced firsthand the reasons our school district is one of the best in the state, and the country. These experiences have shaped our Students First priorities as candidates for Governing Board.



We are committed to work together and with our community to ensure CFSD continues to welcome all students and families, and preserve and expand the robust educational offerings for which CFSD is known. Our commitment to CFSD and the district community is proven and strong. We will always put Students First.


Continue CFSD’s tradition of excellence


CFSD’s Strategic Plan, EnVision 21 Deep Learning, provides the framework for district education. It serves as the guide wherein all Governing Board decisions are made, and its utilization makes CFSD one of the top Arizona school districts. As Governing Board members we will ensure adherence to this strategic plan’s mission and vision so all students can learn, grow, and flourish as responsible citizens in our global community. Its Deep Learning Goals provide the roadmap by which we create success.

Maintain CFSD’s welcoming and safe school environment

Every student should feel comfortable at school, regardless of race, socioeconomics, academic or physical ability, sexual or gender orientation, or zip code. A supportive, safe learning environment and curriculum that addresses the social and emotional needs of students leads to better learning outcomes and a stronger community. As Governing Board members we will continue to prioritize the funding of school counselors, innovative educational offerings that meet the needs of the whole child, and the administration of inclusive policies that make our district welcoming.

Meet the needs of every learner through innovative curriculum and exceptional teachers


Education is about more than teaching to a test. Our students flourish when extras such as visual and performing arts, physical education, and health are available at every grade level. On campus clubs, interscholastic sports, mentorship programs, and technical pathways in curriculum supplement and prepare students for life after K-12 education. Recruiting and retaining the best teachers and support staff builds relationships that strengthen CFSD’s robust curriculum and activities. As Governing Board members we will continue to innovate curriculum that adheres to Arizona Academic Standards and puts students first. We will monitor district climate and support a professional environment that attracts and retains top talent at all levels in all roles.



Our priorities as candidates reflect our experiences as parents and our deep involvement with the district.

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